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Técnico Superior en Administración y Finanzas

Técnico Superior en Asistencia a la Dirección (UC0984_3)


9 meses

Total Horas:







1 ó 2

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To learn to:
  • Characterize the structure and the organization of Public Administrations established in the Spanish Constitution and in the EU.
  • Update the legal information required by the business activity.
  • Organize the legal documents related to the establishment and the operation of institutions.
  • Completes the most common private contracting models in business operations or public trust documents.
  • Prepare the documentation required by public agencies

Content outline:

  1. The right.
  2. Spanish public administrations./li>
  3. Business Legal Forms and constitution.
  4. Private contract.
  5. Administrative procedure.
  6. Public contract.


  • Explanation of the contents by the teacher.
  • Development of application exercises.
  • Practical exercises (Internet.) in the classroom, with individual or collective resolution and correction.
  • Approach of different operations to simulate activities and situations that can occur among citizens, companies and public administrations.

Evaluation and assessment:

  • At the end of each working unit are carried out specific tests.
  • Class participation will be taken into account.
  • Learning activities carried out in the classroom will be valued.
  • Attendance will be assessed.

The rating is obtained by weighting the score obtained in each section. The percentages are reviewed at the beginning of each academic year and, agreements between the teachers of the subject are reflected in the module programming.

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